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Dakota Turf’s Tree Trimming

Many business owners enjoy the look of trees on their property. Trees help create an interesting landscape that customers and employees alike can appreciate. Regular tree services are one of the best ways to insure your trees stay healthy and beautiful. Dakota Turf’s professional arborists believe in the importance of making the right choices for your trees. That’s why we’re here to talk about everything you need to know about tree trimming. Keep your landscape looking beautiful with our tree trimming services.

What Are the Advantages of Tree Trimming?

There are many advantages to pruning the trees on your commercial property. Routine tree service promotes healthy growth and improves the look of your trees. If you have fruit trees on your property, tree trimming can increase the quantity and quality of your bounty!

When you have trees close to sidewalks, walkways or commercial buildings, it’s important to prune them regularly. Doing so protects customers, employees and your buildings. Weather events can cause branches to break off, potentially leading to injuries, death and property damage. Tree trimming services prevent these occurrences and give you peace of mind.

When Is the Best Time of Year for Tree Pruning?

The best time to prune your trees is when they’re dormant. This means you should prune in the late fall or during the winter. Pruning when the trees are dormant helps prevent stress from cutting and sap loss. If the leaves have already fallen, tree trimming companies will also have a better idea of what the shape of the tree will look like.

The only exception is if you have dead branches on your trees. These can and should be removed as soon as possible so they don’t affect the healthy parts of your tree.

Can I Perform Tree Trimming Myself?

Some people opt to save on tree trimming costs through DIY pruning attempts, but we always recommend hiring a licensed tree trimming company. While pruning a waist-high shrub is one thing, cutting tall trees with large branches can be incredibly difficult. For older trees, pruning the crown requires the use of specialized equipment, such as a cherry-picker.

Even if you’re not afraid of heights, climbing a ladder with a heavy chain saw in hand can be dangerous. These jobs should always be left in the care of professional tree trimming companies. At Dakota Turf all our contractors are insured to protect you and your property. Don’t risk painful injuries or worse. Leave the pruning to our experts.

How Much Does Tree Trimming Cost?

Tree trimming costs depend on a few factors, including your location, the size of the tree and the risks involved to the tree surgeon. It’s more expensive to cut trees near buildings, power lines or steep hills.

If you want to improve the look and health of your trees, call Dakota Turf’s tree trimming experts. We’ll start with a free consultation on your property and give you a no-obligation estimate.

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