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At Dakota Turf, we believe that what lies outside your home is just as important as the design inside. We are proud to specialize in hardscaping and are excited to work with dozens of property owners in the local area. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and determine their goals. We offer everything from patio installation to retaining wall construction and everything in between, and we look forward to bringing your dream outdoor renovation project to life.

To learn more about our expertise or to book an on-site consultation with our experts today, please dial (651) 460-8873.

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Beautiful Hardscape Construction with a Personal Touch

Over the years, our team has learned that no two hardscaping projects are the same. Every property owner has a different vision and set of expectations when it comes to designing and developing an outdoor living space, and our team wants to learn about yours.

From the moment you contact us, we’ll spring into action, booking an on-site consultation at your earliest convenience. During this meeting, we will take a look at your space and chat with you about your goals. Whether you want to create an area perfect for entertaining or incorporate a winding pathway that guides guests around your flower garden, we are eager to set the project in motion.

We will work with you closely every step of the way to ensure that your expectations are being met or, better yet, exceeded. We have a reputation to uphold, and it all starts with customer care and satisfaction.

Hardscaping for Every Budget

Whether you have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on an extravagant outdoor cooking and dining area or a few hundred bucks to put toward improving the appearance, enjoyment and function of your property, our experts will approach your project with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication. We are proud to offer high-quality, professional hardscaping services to all kinds of property owners, and we’ll make the most of your budget, whatever it may be.

If you are concerned about finances, our team will introduce you to products that offer great value without breaking the bank. We can also find design techniques that pack a punch and look expensive without actually being too costly.

If you’d like to learn just how much your hardscaping project will cost you, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts and request a quote.

Increase the Value of Your Property with Professional Hardscaping

Buyers today are looking for properties that boast more than just interior beauty. Beautiful hardscapes have become the norm, so ensuring that your property stands out in this competitive market relies on you investing in that patio, walkway, or retaining wall you’ve been considering.

Our experts would be happy to crunch some numbers and let you know precisely how much value you could add to your home by investing in hardscaping. So please let us know if you’re curious, and we’ll schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience!

Complete Service Solutions for Local Hardscaping

With years of experience, we've mastered the art of building stunning hardscapes. We've worked on various residential and commercial properties and built every possible hardscape imaginable. If your yard is due for an upgrade, we have the solution for you!

Here are just a few hardscapes we can design and construct for your yard:

  • Outdoor structures
  • Outdoor kitchen with grill surroundings
  • Pathways
  • Patios
  • Firepits
  • Fountains
  • Retaining wall
  • Much more!

Whatever you have in mind, you can be sure that we will build it using top-tier tools and equipment, quality materials, and a commitment to creating the best.

Enjoy a Custom Hardscape Design

With Dakota Turf on your side, you will get what you want without compromise. As a landscaping company specializing in hardscaping, we believe in building our clients' ideas into reality with custom designs tailored to each one's needs. When you choose us, we take the time to make sure our design perfectly replicates your vision and expectations.

To provide unmatched service, we follow a thorough, multi-tier design process. We see the value in keeping an open line of communication and including you in the design and conception phase of the project. Simply put, we give you complete design control so you know exactly what to expect.

For personalized service and unique design options, get in touch with the Dakota Turf team.

Get Started with a Hardscape Consultation

Putting our best foot forward and delivering quality work is what we're revered for, but that is only part of what goes into providing outstanding service. Just as important is gaining insight into what our client wants and what parameters they're working within.

With this in mind, we will offer you a personalized consultation when you contact us for service information. During this meeting, we will get to know each other and create a plan to deliver and make your vision a reality. We will also discuss your budget, timeline preferences, and other pertinent details. By the end of the meeting, we aim to have ironed out every piece of information needed to begin the hardscape project.

If you have a project brewing in your mind and need professional help to get it started and built, we're happy to partner with you. Call now to schedule a consultation.

Let Us Build Your Outdoor Kitchen

Can you imagine the difference an outdoor kitchen can make for our backyard? We can and would love to make this a reality for you.

We have been building outdoor kitchens for years ranging from u-shape kitchens to barbeque grill islands. And no matter what we build, they are always stunning enough to be showcased in hardscape magazines! Our team of dedicated and creative contractors can transform any outdoor space despite its size and shape. If you would like to fill space in your yard with a cooking or seating area or make it more functional to cook in because it is currently crowded, you can count on us to deliver on your wish.

Fast, professional, dependable, and affordable: Consider Dakota Turf the go-to choice for your new outdoor kitchen. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at (651) 460-8873. We will walk you through the process and discuss pricing, time, material, and everything in between.


When you want a new walkway, patio, terrace, or other hardscaping project, call Dakota Turf to design and install your new hardscape project. We specialize in all forms of hardscaping from simple garden steps to complex patio layouts. Whether you want brick, tile, natural stone, or basic pavers, we will talk with you to understand your vision then design and build the project to your exact specifications. Over the years, we have garnished a reputation as one of the foremost hardscaping experts in Lakeville.

At Dakota Turf, we understand the specific needs of residents in the Lakeville area and are proud to be serving the community by providing the best in hardscaping installation. We use decorative stone work and concrete to build you a space you'll love. You'll be amazed at what our designers can do, from decorative walking paths, walls, functional patios, water features and outdoor seating, you can be assured that your neighbors will be in awe of your new outdoor space.

Whether your property needs support or you just want to change the look of your lawn, call Dakota Turf to design and install your new retaining wall. In addition to our other services, we are an experienced retaining wall contractor and can custom build a stone retaining wall to meet your needs. If you're in the greater Lakeville area, give us a call today to discuss your needs for your next project!

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