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Landscaper in Farmington

If you are looking for a landscaper in the Farmington region, look no further than the professionals at Dakota Turf. Blending years of experience with cutting-edge equipment and solutions, we’re the landscapers that bring out the best in properties.

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Landscaping for the Community

Dakota Turf is proud to serve the deserving community of Farmington with incredible landscaping. Our goal is to deliver every client customized landscaping and lawn care services of the highest value. Over the years, we have had countless opportunities to prove ourselves to the community. Time and time again, we have succeeded in meeting expectations. More often than not, we have even exceeded their expectations.

Legitimate Landscapers

Clients want to work with trained professionals, not ambitious amateurs. They want to know that their landscapers are versed in matters as diverse and wide-ranging as hardscape design, gardening, and sod installation. They want peace of mind. We don’t think that is too much to ask. Thankfully, we are some of the most experienced landscapers in the community.

Our landscapers are professionally trained and have years of experience working in this industry. We will consider your ideas and budget to deliver results that not only meet but exceed your expectations!

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Discuss Your Landscaping Needs with Our Experts

What your neighbor wants out of their property might be different from what you want. There is no reason to stick to a script or take a conventional route. Here, we encourage you to get creative and explore the options available to you. During your no-obligation consultation, you’ll have all the time in the world to discuss your landscape-related hopes and dreams with us.

Do you want a front yard garden? Shrubs and hedges along the perimeter of the property? We want to know. Share your thoughts and spare no details—in-depth consultations are how we achieve stunning results.

Whether you are looking to hire regular lawn care services for your commercial property, or if you’re looking to create a beautiful outdoor space at home, our expert team is here to help.

Before we can get to work fertilizing your turf, planting gardens, and trimming trees, we must first gain an understanding of your objectives. Every property owner has a different set of expectations when it comes to servicing their lawn and we want to help you meet your goals.

What to Expect

When you contact our landscapers, we’ll set you up with a consultation. On consultation day, we will arrive at your home or business and survey the size and nature of your property. Whether you have many acres or a small plot of grass, we can work to maximize its enjoyability.

Our experts will ask you questions about your budget, timeline, and what concerns you have about your garden, which could include patches of brown grass, pests, or tree stumps. Then, we’ll create a comprehensive action plan for you to go over. Once we get your approval, we’ll get to work creating the landscape of your dreams.

It all begins with an informative consultation. Be sure to ask us about savings opportunities and routine lawn care services, as well. We are always offering cost-effective solutions to clients old and new.

Superior Lawn Care from Our Landscapers

We never shy away from a project, no matter the size of scope. We’ve extended our landscape design services to commercial clients, families, and everyone in between. That said, we’re also eager to take on smaller landscape assignments, as well.

Perhaps our most popular services are for lawn care. As many property owners know, keeping your lawn looking neat and healthy is a lot of work. Our landscaping contractors can provide you with the following services for your residential or commercial property:

  • Fertilizing
  • Mowing
  • Sodding and re-sodding
  • Seeding
  • Aeration
  • Irrigation services
  • Tree services
  • And more!

Are there services you don’t see on our list that you have questions about? Our service list is far-reaching and contains a lot more than we can list here. If you have a lawn-related need not featured above, feel free to drop us a line and chat with someone over the phone. We're confident we can find a tailor-made turf solution.

Flexible Landscaping Services

Customization is the key to customer satisfaction. We modify our landscape services, and we even modify our approach to doing business when necessary, as well. We even tailor the lawn care schedule to suit your needs.

At our company, we understand that our clients run a tight schedule. You're busy—we won't make you any busier. Whether you want to be on- or off-site while we tend to your turf, we pledge to offer a wide range of appointment times so that you can select the one that suits you best. Maintaining a flexible booking schedule is important to us because we know your time is valuable. When you partner with our landscaping crew, you do it on your watch. Chat with our customer service representatives to find the service time that works for you.

If you want even more hands-off freedom, you can pre-arrange routine visits from us. Set up regular lawn maintenance:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly

Easy to book. Easy to love.

Quick Turnarounds on Landscape Services

It might take several weeks to see a big change in the quality of your grass, but you won’t have to worry about us dragging our feet. We work diligently when we are on another client’s property, ensuring you never have to invest more money in labor costs than necessary. Our commitment to quick turnarounds also makes the scheduling process much easier, too.

Lawn Care Specialists

We're specialists in the science and art of keeping lawns lush and healthy. At our company, we refuse to settle for anything less than high-caliber lawn care. To that end, our landscaping crew is carefully trained upon hire to follow the industry's best practices. We train every contractor in the safe and proper operation of our commercial-grade equipment. Ultimately, we give our team the tools, support, and professional development they need so that your grass stays greener than ever.

More than our know-how, we make it our mission to facilitate a pleasant and fast lawn care experience for our customers. You can expect our crew to:

  • Arrive and depart on-time
  • Be dressed in company uniforms
  • Maintain a clean worksite
  • Treat your property with respect
  • Offer friendly client care

Some lawns need more than just water and sunlight. Some lawns need the attention of professional landscapers. That is where we come in. We will give your grass what it needs to grow in a healthy, controlled manner.

Working with us will be simple and stress-free from beginning to end. Plus, your lawn will look the better for it.

Green Care for Green Spaces

Offering an Earth-Friendly Alternative

Landscaping is all about keeping grass, plants, trees, and shrubs green. It only makes sense that our landscaping methods should be green, too—at least, that's how we see it. Our company is committed to protecting the lawns we treat with eco-friendly products and sustainable practices. Instead of harsh chemicals, we choose to work with natural products. After careful research, we've assembled a premium product line of high-quality brands with simple, natural ingredient lists.

To learn more about what our landscaping contractors do in the name of green lawn care, drop us a line.

Commercial Landscaping

We're pleased to partner with many local businesses on their mission to maintain sky-high curb appeal. We provide lawn care with diligent oversight and attention to detail. We routinely service a whole host of lawns for storefronts, offices, apartment buildings, and more.

Basic maintenance like mowing and fertilizing represents only the beginning of what we can do for you. We frequently assist our commercial clients with larger-scale operations such as seasonal display installation, irrigation design, and more.

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space with Custom Landscape Design

Improve the appearance, value, and enjoyability of your outdoor space with custom landscaping services from Dakota Turf. Whether you want to plant a flower garden, design a patio, or add a retaining wall, our specialists have the skills and tools to bring your vision to life.

Trust the Farmington’s Best Landscaping Company

While there are many landscaping companies in the area, we’re confident we offer the best services. Not only do we offer affordable pricing and flexible scheduling options, but we also keep ourselves educated on the industry’s latest innovations to bring you cutting-edge designs you’ll love.

Additionally, our experts are friendly, approachable, and accommodating. It’s our goal to provide the very best customer experience, so let us know how we can assist you best.

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