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Fertilization in Farmington

Dakota Turf provides top-quality fertilization services in Farmington and the surrounding area. Over our many years in operation, we’ve helped countless clients revitalize their lawns and create vibrant landscapes. Thanks to our specialized knowledge of local soil conditions, we have what it takes to supply your plants with the right nutrients for long and prosperous lives. And we’ll do it at an affordable price, to boot.

To learn what we can do for you, we encourage you to schedule a free inspection with one of our representatives. Call us at (651) 460-8873 to get started.

Custom Fertilization Service Plans

Tailored for Your Lawn

Every lawn is different, each with its own soil composition and nutrient requirements. When it comes to lawn care, it’s crucial to follow a fertilization regimen designed according to the unique properties of your lawn and soil.

That’s exactly what we do. At Dakota Turf, we use an extensive inspection process to assess the condition of your lawn and the composition of your soil. Once we’ve determined what nutrients your plants and grass are lacking, we’ll develop a custom fertilization plan specifically designed for your soil. Our fertilizers are a cocktail of essential elements—each consisting of the vital nutrients your plants need to sustain a long and prosperous life. That way, you can trust that your landscape will look its best for years to come.

Experience the Benefits of Our All-Liquid Lawn Fertilization

Our special all-liquid fertilizer is what sets us apart from our competitors. Compared to regular fertilizers, ours provides numerous benefits for our customers, including the following:

  • Fast-Acting—The liquid composition allows for quicker absorption into your soil. As a result, it offers a faster uptake, allowing your plants to tap into those nutrients sooner.
  • Eco-Friendly—Solid fertilizers create waste. The granules eventually spill onto our sidewalks and make their way into our ponds and creeks, affecting the water composition and potentially harming local ecosystems. Our liquid fertilizer minimizes the issue. Thanks to our expertise, we make sure that all our fertilizer gets absorbed into your soil, not our water streams.
  • Consistent Results—Some fertilizers can cause “fertilizer burn,” when some areas of the soil receive a higher-than-necessary concentration of fertilizer. Our liquid fertilizer poses no such issue. Thanks to our meticulous application process, we verify that your ground receives the same amount of fertilizer in every area. Consistent fertilization, consistent results.
  • Safe—Our fertilizers don’t leave behind any granules that could be picked up and eaten by young children and pets. Because they’re absorbed into the soil faster, you won’t have to worry about it affecting the health of any visitors or occupants in the area.

Top-Quality Weed Control Services

Our fertilization services are perfect for clients whose lawns are overgrown with weeds and other undesirables. Using a range of soil care techniques, we eliminate existing weeds and prevent future ones from taking root—all while ensuring your plants and lawn remain safe and healthy.

If you don’t know where to start with your weed problem, we’re here to help. We’ll handle every stage of the operation so that you don’t have to lift a finger. With us on the job, you can trust that you’ll have nothing but the best-looking lawn on the block.

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